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Calendar Online

Calendar Online uses different links for access control. On our free version we use three links.
Administrator (to request to be an admin please email
When sharing this calendar please use the Reader link

How to be a contributor to Calendar Online

A great feature of calendar online is the ability to invite people to contribute events to a calendar. Obviously this is a great help to keep the calendar up-to-date and useful. You should use the Modifier link above.

Using the Community Coordination calendar on a small screen

The link on the for the planning calendar is designed to display the year view (shown below) ​
On a typical computer monitor or an IPad this view can be very beneficial since it shows an entire year with the months going down the page and the days across the page. This is a popular view when planning events since it makes it easy to pick days that do not have many conflicting events.
However, when using the app and linking to this calendar view on a smart phone - this view is almost useless since it only displays a couple of months by about 5 or so days. Using this view on a small screen is then terribly frustrating.
Fortunately there are several other views to choose from. On my IPhone, my personal favorite is the list view grouped by week. Try the setting below and let us know what you think! ​

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